Fashion Spread: About a Brit

ABOUT A BRIT. Model Callum Rockall, the new star of Lanvin’s campaign, never expected to hold a career in fashion. But he zoomed to the top in no time. DA MAN gets to know him more


T-shirt by Dior Homme, trousers by Lanvin

A lot of boys will hesitate and probably even feel uncomfortable if they were ever asked to follow in their older brother’s footsteps. However, Callum Rockall is not like most boys. In a remarkable twist of fate, the younger brother of Haydn Rockall—who made his name walking for the Burberry spring/summer ’14 show—was scouted by the very same agent that represented his older brother when dropping by for a visit with his mother.


T-shirt by Helmut Lang, trousers by Dolce & Gabbana, shoes by Louis Vuitton

Still fresh out of college, he spared no effort to walk at a number of fashion shows for a number of brands from Kolor, Neil Barrett and Jil Sander, to Dries Van Noten and Paul Smith, just to name a few. No less exciting is his latest work for Lanvin’s spring/summer ’15 campaign, which placed him in the same frame with his brother and showcased the siblings’ close bond. Working with photographer Tim Walker for the campaign, their lanky postures and strikingly British looks came across as rather punk-cum-preppy.


“Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would become a model”


Even as a newcomer to the industry, the Essex native has already garnered quite a following and no little amount of praise for his unique look. He has also been named as the one to watch by a couple of publications. Indeed, the timing of his debut could not have been better: This season we’re seeing more and more skinny male models stomping on the runways with an inexplicably cool allure. Edgy it might be, although Rockall does not seem to be bothered by how he is categorized as a model. He does, however, care about what modeling has afforded him: meeting lots of new people and traveling to various new places. And it would seem that there will be plenty of both for this not-yet-20 model who does photo shoots and runway shows with such a distinctive style.

DA MAN: Hi Callum, how are you doing? What keeps you busy these days?
Callum Rockall:
Hi, I’m good, thanks. The thing that keeps me busy these days is traveling when working.

DA: What did you do before you started modeling?
Before I started modeling, I was actually in my last year of college.


Outfit by 3.1 Phillip Lim, hat by Maison Margiela

DA: Did you ever see yourself following in your brother’s footsteps and become a model?
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would become a model. I used to see runway shows on TV back home and thought that these people were nothing less than superhuman.

DA: What would you consider as your first breakthrough into the fashion industry?
I think that it would have to be the first ever show I did, which was for Topman. It is such an iconic and popular brand, so I definitely think it helped me [launch my modeling career].


Sweater and shoes by McQ by Alexander Mcqueen, leather pants by Roberto Cavalli

DA: You’re now fronting Lanvin’s spring/summer ’15 campaign with your brother, Haydn Rockall. What was the memorable part of the shoot? How did you embody the brand’s image?
The whole shoot was memorable, to be honest … I can remember laughing the whole day and I think that can be clearly seen through the campaign photos. That’s also how I embodied the brands image: They just wanted us to have fun!


Outfit by Alexander McQueen, shoes by McQ by Alexander McQueen

DA: What was it like when you were working with photographer Tim Walker?
It was such an amazing experience to work with Tim Walker as he is one of the best photographers in the world. He is also such a nice and down-to-earth person.

DA: Do you have any favorite photographers you are looking forward to working with?
I don’t really have a favorite photographer, as there are so many amazing ones out there.


Outfit by Marni

DA: What makes you and your brother different in terms of modeling?
I think that our looks make us different Haydn is blonde with curly long hair, and I have darker hair. That is what makes him iconic; I don’t know anyone out there with a similar look.


Outfit by Emporio Armani

DA: Do you want to explore other aspects of the fashion industry besides modeling?
I would love to be able to get an insight into working for a model agency. I do think that it’s such a fast-paced and demanding job, which appeals to me.


“Traveling definitely makes me more independent and wiser”


DA: What are the ups and downs of being a model?
The ups are that I get to meet some amazing friends, which I would never have met if I hadn’t started modeling. I also get to travel to countries, which I have never been to the traveling part definitely makes me more independent and wiser. The downside is that it’s a very demanding job with long hours, but when I’m with people I get on with, it doesn’t really bother me.


Shirt and trousers by Dsquared2, shoes by Louis Vuitton

DA: Who are your favorite designers and models now?
My favorite model at the moment would have to be Kendall Jenner, who kills it every single time. Meanwhile, my favorite designers at the moment would have to be Marc Jacobs and J. Lindeberg.


Sweater by Raf Simons, scarf by Saint Laurent

DA: What is your typical style?
My style is very street-inspired style: I tend to wear black hoodies, black jeans and bomber jackets.


T-shirt by Saint Laurent, trousers by Y-3

DA: Who do you look up to in regards to your career?
I would have to say my family they have supported me through it all and they are just amazing.


T-shirt by Emporio Armani, trousers by Balmain, shoes by Louis Vuitton

DA: Where would you be, say, five years from now if you weren’t a model?
I have always said that after I finish modeling I would love to have a go at joining the fire service. It’s a childhood dream of mine so I would probably have to give it a shot.

Photography Mitchell Nguyen Mccormack
Styling Alexa Rangroummith Green
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