Exclusive Fashion Feature: Rise of The Fallen

Just because the world came to an end in 2012 doesn’t mean you can’t be well-dressed for the post-apocalypse. Here is a collection of avant-garde looks that will keep you looking cool even in a scorching wasteland.

Left-  Overall by Krisvanassche, gloves by Visori Fashionart, boots by Dior Homme

Right- Trousers by Issey Miyake, jacket by Krisvanassche, jacket and mask by Visori Fashionart

Jacket and shirt by Dior Homme, Trousers by Etxeberria, Gloves by Visori Fashionart

 Jacket by Jean Paul Gaultier, Shirt by Selim De Somavilla, Vintage military belt

Trousers by Selim De Somavilla, Shirt by Issey Miyake, Boots by Dior Homme, Vest by Etxeberria

 Trousers by Issey Miyake, Shirt by Selim De Somavilla, Jacket by Etxeberria

 Shirt by Selim De Somavilla, Jacket by Etro, Scarf by Krisvanassche, Trousers by Jean Paul Gaultier, Boots by Dior Homme


 Outfit by Givenchy By Riccardo Tisci


Photographs: Marcos Domingo Sánchez
Styling: Visori Fashionart
Models: Joan Pastor &
Pontus Borg/ View Management
Grooming: Handmade BCN Studio for KIN Cosmetic
A DeeBee Production (www.deebeegroup.com)