Fashion FAQ: Which Sweaters Do I Need in My Wardrobe?

An interesting thing about this type of outerwear is that a single sweater can be worn in different styles for different occasions


Scarf by Emporio Armani, sweater & trousers by Paul Smith, shoes by Tod’s


A simple crew-neck sweater, for instance, can be worn with a shirt, tie and tapered trousers to the office, or be matched with a simple shirt and denim combo for a weekend trip.

One must-have staple piece for men is, however, a black turtleneck sweater. Wear it with a suit, a jacket or on its own, and you will instantly look taller, leaner and more dapper.

What’s also important is to find the fabric that suits your need: Cashmere, while requiring special care, works for any kind of weather, while wool sweaters are typically designed for colder temperature wear.



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