Famous Faces of #DAMAN10th Party

DECENNARY SOIREE. To celebrate 10 years of men’s style, DA MAN held it’s annual party inviting celebrities and A-listers to party the night away

Ronald Liem and Oliver Cheshire

10 Years Young

DA MAN marked its 10th anniversary on, quite appropriately, May 10, 2017, at the Hard Rock Café, Pacific Place. The historic milestone was celebrated with the support of—and together with—some of the magazine’s most cherished sponsors, including Tudor, INTime, Aldo Brue and Absolut, which provided the spirits for the party. Naturally, a host of DA MAN’s partners along with celebrities and public figures previously featured in the magazine, also added their charm to the evening’s festivities.

Pixie Lott

Maria Dantas and Renato Cavalli

Didiet Maulana and Dina Latief

Liza Natalia

Caroline and Eunike Santosa

Dimas Beck

Aline Adita

Maria Rahajeng and Elizabeth Rahajeng

Jacquelin Sehonanda and William Wongso

Life of the Party

Along with the long list of VIP guests attending the 10th DA MAN Party, one special guest of honor also made an appearance. This year, it’s British model Oliver Cheshire, who once graced the cover of a previous DA MAN Style as well as this very issue. And in an amazing turn of events, he was accompanied by his fiancée, English singer Pixie Lott. With double the star power and twice the fun, this year’s DA MAN Party will be quite hard to top in the years to come.

Ronald Liem, Irene Kusuma and Robert Harianto

Cisca Becker

Vidi Aldiano

Daniele Mazzola and Jeffrey Bidjos

Raffaele Farina

Bruna Brita and Bruno Gracia

Finna Huang and Mark Clay

Dance the Night Away

Naturally, celebrations for DA MAN’s 10th year running was awash with incredible entertainment offerings. Maruli Tampubolon lent his jazzy voice to the party atmosphere while the Sydney Swing Katz dance troupe, who were specially flown-in from Australia, wowed the crowd with their riveting routines. As the evening went on and the night’s DJ took over the floor, invitees and guests-of-honor alike went down to the dance floor until well past midnight. It was, in short, a most memorable night to celebrate 10 memorable years.

Maruli Tampubolon and the Big Band

Sydney Swing Katz

Kartika Winata and Millane Fernandez

Ogie Fachrur Rozi and Ari Wibowo

Laura Muljadi and Matteo Russo

Phillip Goossens and Tyas Mahardika

Jaroslav Gaisler, Wisnu Zulkarnain and Kirk Evans