Experience the Bang & Olufsen Augmented Reality App

You can still #StayHome and get the full experience of shopping for Bang & Olufsen products

In light of the ongoing #StayHome campaigns all over the world, Bang & Olufsen is making sure that you can still engaged with the products from the Danish electronics brand. And it does this with the help of its B&O AR Experience app. Basically, this augmented reality application allows users to digitally place any Bang & Olufsen product in their living space.

The Bang & Olufsen AR Experience app is available for iOS devices offers has a visually striking AR experience that seamlessly integrates virtual elements and the real world.  Prospective customers can explore all the variants of their favorite products and there are also customization options available to match the products to the interior of your house. You then can share it with a friend, ask for opinions or send an image of your desired product as part of your wishlist.