Exclusive with Amber Lancaster

Amber Alert
Extremely delectable NFL cheerleader-turned-actress, Amber Lancaster is so hot she could make a blazing inferno envious. Here, she shows her style in high-fashion attire with an exclusive photo shoot and interview for DA MAN.

Photographs: Mitchell Nguyen McCormack

Blonde bombshell Amber Lancaster grew up in the state of Washington and became Miss Washington Teen USA. She went to Pierce College after high school and earned a coveted spot as an NFL cheerleader for the Seattle Seahawks, which she did for five years.

During her time in the NFL, Lancaster became a fan favorite. Famously laid-back, amicable and much more than just a gorgeous woman, she garnered U.S.-wide fame after being featured on sports-related TV shows on Fox Sports and ESPN. She also made a splash by making it into features for a variety of NFL-related magazines.

After making her way to Hollywood, she was in a few TV shows like Wild On! and reality show Are You Hot? Over the past few years, Lancaster has been seen in Seventeen magazine and a very, very steamy spread in Maxim. Her biggest showbiz role to date is in the MTV comedy called The Hard Times of RJ Berger, which premiered in June 2010 and is scheduled for a second season in 2011.

DA MAN:  Can you tell us about yourself and how your career in show business came about?
Amber Lancaster: I’m originally from Tacoma, Washington where I was born and raised. I started cheerleading for the Seattle Seahawks right out of high school, while going to college and working full time. Looking back, I don’t know how I did it. I had no time for anything!! In 2005, my roommate and I decided we were both ready for a change, so we packed up a U-Haul truck and drove [to Los Angeles], with no plan, no money, no job. It was the craziest thing I think I’ve ever done.

DA MAN: What were your favorite subjects and/or extracurricular activities in high school?
Amber Lancaster: My favorite subjects in high school were always the classes that had the cool teacher, so art with Mr. Batonio, English with Mr. Oldoski, History with Mr. Jackson, Spanish with Mrs. Rupert and countless more. It was always more about who was teaching rather than what I was learning.

DA MAN: You were an NFL cheerleader for the Seahawks, what was that like?
Amber Lancaster: Amazing. The friendships and experiences I gained during my time with the Seahawks are ones that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I still miss it.

DA MAN: What are some of the strangest things you’ve seen fans do or say at your NFL games?
Amber Lancaster: Seattle has some of the most loyal, diehard fans I’ve ever experienced. We had quite a cast of characters that would dress up rain or shine for every single game, and still do. There is one guy that goes by the moniker “Kilt Man,” and he wears a kilt to every game. Then there was Big Lo, Mr. & Mrs. SeahawkСwho actually got married on the 50-yard line and had the cheerleaders as bridesmaids. Then there was one guy with this really long hair, and even if it’s freezing outside, he goes shirtless. Instead of clapping, he slams his body down over the railing. It’s pretty intense.

DA MAN:  What can you tell us about your biggest acting role so far, on MTV’s series, The Hard Times of RJ Berger?
Amber Lancaster:
My character, Jenny Swanson, is your quintessential girl-next-door type. She is sweet, down-to-earth, genuine and the object of desire for RJ Berger.

DA MAN:  Do you like guys with the same character traits that RJ Berger possesses?
Amber Lancaster:
No matter what crazy situation RJ gets himself into, when it comes down to it, he has a heart of gold and does the right thing, which I think is extremely attractive and important.

DA MAN:  What is your greatest ambition in life?
Amber Lancaster:
This! What I’m doing right now! I feel extremely grateful to get to have such a fun job! To get to have the time of your life and get paid for it has always been my ultimate goal, so I am pretty happy right now.

DA MAN: What is success to you?
Amber Lancaster:
Success, to me, is to lead a well-balanced life … health, friends, family, career, charity.

DA MAN: I think it’s safe to say that most guys would describe you as drop-dead gorgeous and sexy, but what do you think?
Amber Lancaster:
Well, although it’s great to hear that, I truly do believe that beauty and sex appeal come from within. So, I respect a guy a lot more if they tell me they respect those things after they’ve actually gotten to know me.

DA MAN: Is your beauty your strongest asset, career-wise?
Amber Lancaster:
I wouldn’t say it’s my strongest, no. I mean, it definitely doesn’t hurt, but there are a million beautiful girls in this town, far more beautiful than me. It’s what you bring to the table talent-wise that will make a career.

DA MAN:  Strawberry, chocolate or both?
Amber Lancaster:
Chocolate-covered strawberries are my favorite dessert, so I guess I am both!

DA MAN: What types of songs are in you music player/iPod these days?
Amber Lancaster:
I just went to the live debut concert of Broken Bells and they are amazing. I also recently discovered Dan Black, which I’m kind of obsessed with. But I really am all over the board when it comes to music. I listen to everything.

DA MAN: What attracts you to a guy?
Amber Lancaster:
You have to be able to make me laugh, not be afraid to be goofy and silly, be able to talk about something that I have no idea about, have good manners Й and change a flat tire.

DA MAN: What turns you off?
Amber Lancaster:
Guys that are arrogant. Being confident is extremely important, but there is a fine line between the two. No sense of humor, being materialistic, hairy backs kind of gross me out, too.

This feature originally ran in the April/May 2010 edition of DA MAN, to order back issues, go here.