Exclusive Feature: Miller Khan

PLAY IT COOL. Underneath his good looks and charming smile, actor Miller Khan is undoubtedly talented. To Gabriela Yosefina, he raps about passion for acting and lyrics, along with secrets to his great physique


Exclusive Feature: Miller Khan

Outfit by Calvin Klein Platinum, Shoes by Antony Morato


A lot of actors put up an act during an encounter with the media and carefully approach them with unpredictable aloofness. It is not rare as well that they would rave about the exciting shoots and travels the thespians did and end the meeting with the best possible note there is. All that superficial chat and false pretense do not apply to Miller Khan.

On the day of the interview and photo shoot, the actor arrives a little bit late. After a brief introduction to every member of the team, he sits on the makeup chair and gets prepped up for grooming as well as the interview. Quite unexpectedly, he immediately lets out a slight disappointment, “I thought the shoot was going to be done outdoor. Because, that would surely be exciting to do!”

“A lot of people have already had a perception in mind that a good actor should express things through various gestures, but for me, it is unnatural.”


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Outfit by Calvin Klein Platinum


The reason for this is simply because Khan is excited to show off some calisthenics poses. “Calisthenics is basically a form of exercise that counts on the body weight, so one does not have to go to the gym to do it. To do the exercise, one only needs a pole or parallel bars. After regular sessions, the body will be ideally shaped, without any excessively big muscles,” the dark-haired actor gushes with verve. He has evidently posted a number of photos of himself doing some gravity-defying moves on his own Instagram account, stirring up hype among his followers and fellow calisthenics enthusiasts.

His exercises and now-sculpted body have also been the talk of many. It naturally spiked up the public interest in the TV actor despite he is no longer a newcomer to the industry. As a matter of fact, Malaysian-born Khan first cut his acting teeth by taking on casting for advertising campaigns in Indonesia almost a decade ago. He initially did not intend to stay long, but after an offer for a minor role in a teenage movie, more offers subsequently fell into his lap. “I have actually studied acting in National Art Academy Malaysia although I didn’t finish it, because I was bored! That was before I moved here. And in Malaysia I have done several titles,” he openly professes. “So when I was offered to do movies and, eventually, television series, I would gladly do everything, more importantly because the pay is good.” His nonchalant attitude is both pleasantly surprising and intriguing for one to inquire further.


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Trousers by Emporio Armani, shoes by Antony Morato


Yet where does one actually start in the entertainment industry? The Arian casually elaborates, “I learned to act by myself; maybe I am gifted! Before acting, I have done a lot of modeling projects, and they are basically the same thing. I enjoy acting. I do it from the heart, and I act as natural as possible. A lot of people have already had a perception in mind that a good actor should express things through various gestures, but for me, it is unnatural.” Nevertheless, such skills do not come overnight. In the beginning of his career in Indonesia, Khan was once scolded by a director. “I even spent the night in the production house to be able to deliver my lines well. At that time my Indonesian was not yet perfect, so I got scolded. A lot!” he recalls that moment lightheartedly since he has brushed up his language and acting prowess. If any, that improvement also comes well rewarded, as Khan is constantly busy with TV series shoots now.

Last August, Khan’s latest movie titled “Love You … Love You Not,” where he stars alongside Hamish Daud and Chelsea Islan, was released. Being a supporting actor in the production, the Chinese-Indian descent happily tells that the shooting and getting into the character he played was smooth sailing. “There was no casting, and everything happened just like that. I was contacted by the production house, and immediately said yes especially because my co-star is the beautiful and talented Chelsea Islan!” he chuckles boyishly. Although there are no other movie projects in the pipeline yet, the 28-year-old wishes to snag a chance to play an antagonist in an action movie someday. “I have tattoos and I have built my body strength, so it’s about time for me to take part in an action title!”


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Outfit by Calvin Klein Platinum


Apart from acting, Khan plays music as well. “I have recorded seven songs, but because I am a foreigner here, I cannot be actively involved in two fields at once. Back in Malaysia I have joined several competitions and performed several times. I can sing and play drums, too.” He prefers ballads, citing Lionel Richie, Barbara Streisand and Jim Brickman as his inspirations. He even sings a very special Mandarin song for DA MAN Challenge.

Closing the conversation, the talented artist talks fondly about settling down and building a family when projecting what the next decade of his life is going to be like. “I want to have a loving wife and children. Maybe I will have a running business and play some roles in movies. But I don’t want to think about it too much, I’ll just let it go with the flow.”


Take a look at the behind the scene of the photo shoot:


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