Josh Bowman of “Revenge” Shares What He Really Thinks About Hollywood


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DA MAN: What’s it like on the set of Revenge? We’ve seen interviews you have done together with your co-stars; you and the other guys like Nick, Connor and Gabriel seem to really get along. Is it like that with the rest of your cast as well? How rare is that kind of rapport on set?
Josh Bowman: Truly, from the start of the series, we have all gotten along so well with each other that it has, without a doubt, made this show what it has become. We all feel a huge sense of support on the set and our crew and team working behind the scenes feels like one big family and that’s rare. It’s no secret why directors, crew members and actors all try and work together repeatedly throughout their careers.

DA MAN: Your American accent is really good. Have there been times that they’ve made you redo lines because you sounded “too British”? What do you think are some of the hardest words to do in an American accent?
Josh Bowman: Oh yes, of course! I make mistakes all the time! I hope I continue to make mistakes because that means I’m free and comfortable in the environment. I’ve worked hard on the American accent because you want people to believe that it’s your natural voice – that you don’t need to think about the pronunciation before you speak. If you need to think about it more than what’s actually going on in the scene, then you’re not ready in my opinion. It took me half of season one to feel secure with the accent, but the real key is listening. If you can hear the accent and hear your mistakes, then you can keep improving.

DA MAN: Since becoming a successful actor, especially now with Revenge, no doubt your life has changed. You’re photographed constantly and written about all time. You’re basically in the spotlight. How have you been coping with it?
Josh Bowman: I’ve been so fortunate to firstly have a job where I get to do what I love doing while also having an opportunity to be on a show that is doing very well as far as viewership, so I can’t complain at all. But for some people who understand what it’s like to be judged so closely and scrutinized by pretty much anyone who wants to know, it’s not the best feeling. I’m also a private person who likes to keep myself to myself, so when your identity is taken from you, it does become a difficult thing to deal with.


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