Josh Bowman of “Revenge” Shares What He Really Thinks About Hollywood

OUT FOR REVENGE. British-born Josh Bowman talks to Shannon Hart about playing Daniel Grayson, the difficulty of nailing a perfect American accent and what he thinks it takes to make it in Hollywood


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Josh Bowman went from breaking bones (including his own) on the rugby pitch to breaking the hearts of women all over the world with his portrayal of the handsome, rich and complicated Daniel Grayson on the hit series “Revenge,” which airs locally on Star World. After playing rugby at a professional level in the British leagues, a series of injuries left him contemplating another career, and a friend who was an agent helped him make the switch to acting. After scoring a number of gigs on British TV series, he landed the role of Grayson, which has taken his career to a whole new level.


DA MAN: We’re so happy “Revenge” is back for a second season. What can you tell us about the twists and turns of this season?
Josh Bowman: They constantly have characters coming in and out of our show, which creates the conflict and obstacles needed for the story to come to life, so you can expect a lot of new characters and completely different dynamics and relationships between some of these people, which is always fun to watch. The second season is the most challenging for any TV show, so if we can get through this one it’ll be an achievement.

DA MAN: The character of Daniel has grown a lot within the series in such a short span of time. Where would you like to see him go in terms of character development?
Josh Bowman: I think what you’ve seen is the development of Daniel in various arcs throughout the character’s story. This season he becomes much more ruthless and street smart, which has definitely been more enjoyable to play and, in my opinion, suitable for the character.


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