Everything Great About Tudor’s New Black Bay 32

DRIVING AHEAD – With a strong nod to the brand’s first divers’ watches, Tudor’s Black Bay 32 expands the storied line while emphasizing its timeless legacy

Tudor’s watchmaking philosophy has always drawn from its rich heritage while also incorporating state-of-the-art technology, pioneering creativity and exclusive innovations. Every new Tudor watch, therefore, reinterprets a rich history to create something truly unique, a bold fusion of the original and the contemporary in an unrivalled proposition.

The brand’s continued reinvention of the classics has kept its watches distinctive for more than half a century. Never afraid to redefine the rules, Tudor’s new watches are strongly connected to the past while showcasing the very best of 21st century watchmaking. On that note, the brand has also never shied away from pushing boundaries by experimenting with unusual materials, sources of inspiration and creative combinations.

A good case in point would be the release of a new blue dial option for every case size and the further expansion of the Black Bay line to include a new 32mm model alongside the Black Bay 41 and 36.

A Touch of Style

Speaking of history and heritage, Tudor has actually been offering blue dials in its collections since all the way back in the 1960s. Today, the dials of the Black Bay 41 and Black Bay 36—until now in black—are also presented in blue.

This new blue dial captures the light in an eye-catching spectrum that ranges from vivid electric blue to a navy hue so deep it looks almost black. With their outstanding contrast and clarity, these shades continue the Black Bay line’s original purpose, while also offering an extra touch of elegance through the meticulous application of lacquering.

Besides the introduction of this new blue dial, the Black Bay collection now also welcomes a smaller model to the fold. It’s a testament to Tudor’s design chops that it successfully brought all the features of a bona fide tool watch within the constraints of the new 32mm case: from the highly legible indexes to the waterproof rating of up to 150 meters and, last but not least, the self-winding mechanical movement ticking inside it.

On the front, the Black Bay 32 presents contrasting, luminescent hours markers that long been a natural characteristic of the Black Bay line. As a final visual note, the lacquered dials are available in both black and blue, while the steel case comes with a polished and satin finish.

Refined as well as functional, the Black Bay 32 is truly typical of its family, both historically and technically.

Full Combination

And here, once again, history becomes a major point. What truly makes the Black Bay 41, 36 and 32 all the more captivating is the fact that the dials of these models are inspired by the divers’ watches created by Tudor during the 1950s. on top of that, they also boast the large winding crown from the first generation of Tudor divers’ watches to be rated waterproof up to 200 meters. These watches have also adopted the characteristic angular hands—famously known as the snowflake—that appeared in the brand’s catalogue from 1969.

Far from being a mere rerelease of a classic, these timepieces bring together over 60 years of Tudor divers’ watches while also being resolutely anchored in the present.

Tudor has made its name as a swiss brand that offers mechanical watches with sophisticated style, proven reliability and unique value for money. and now, it reinforces that reputation by expressing and expanding the aesthetic codes of its iconic Black Bay line with a full range of new models. both fashionable and sporty, these new creations are the perfect ambassadors for the Black Bay family to a new and wider audience.