Essential: Tiger of Sweden Wants to Take Suit to the Street

SUITS OF WARRIOR. Featuring fresh prints, modern cuts and a young attitude, Tiger of Sweden does not look like a brand whose history traces all the back to 1903.



From a small town on the west coast of Sweden, the brand got a fresh start in 1993 and soon evolved into a fullfledged fixture in contemporary fashion. With “a different cut” as its motto, the brand represents a distinctive point of view, as evident in its spring/summer ’15 collection inspired by the cult movie “The Warriors.” Through various slim, sharp and strong silhouettes the brand illustrated not only the rock ‘n’ roll vibe of the movie, but also its color palette, city landscapes and street art. Elongated suit and patterned blazers are among the key pieces this season—both emphasizing the brand’s idealism to take the suits out of the bank and onto the streets. Available at Galeries Lafayette.