Essential: Loup Noir is Now Available in Indonesia

IT’S PERSONAL. Owning an “it” bag keeps your look “updated” with the latest trends. But at the same time, there is a healthy chance that you will encounter a similar bag toted by another stylish gent.


This is where German design duo Jens Heimerdinger and Sacha Freyberg come to the rescue with their brand Loup Noir. It offers a personalization service using initials monograms that are applied by hand. There are currently over 600 color combinations to choose from, including gold and silver for a more striking touch. In addition to the monograming service, the brand combines modern graphic elements with historical designs to produce their leather and coated canvas bags, which are then treated with a decidedly high-quality finish. Available at Masari stores.

Q&A with Loup Noir founders and designers, Jens Heimerdinger and Sascha Freyberg:


Where did the idea for the name “Loup Noir” come from? Is there a philosophy behind it?
The idea for the name came from one of us who remembered a story from our grandmother about a great-uncle, who was a writer and explorer. At the beginning of the last century, he traveled and lived in West and Central Africa, where he wrote several exciting novels and factual reports about his life in the continent.

The most striking thing about the story was a report that mentioned something about the explorer’s cooperation as an undercover detective within a diamond company, discovering illegal smuggling of diamonds in French-Congo. His secret code name instantly seemed to be the perfect name for the collection: “Loup Noir,” the French name for “Black Wolf,” which sounded mystical and clouded in secrecy. Inspired by his fascinating narratives about diamond findings, the collection’s sophisticated signature print was created by referring to the cubic crystal form of diamonds. Furthermore, old black-and-white photos of wildlife formed our idea for the collection’s smart leopard print. We are also inspired by one of the traveler’s monogrammed trunks that is still owned by the family today to create our signature monogram.

In the middle of today’s “it bag” invasion in fashion, what can set Loup Noir apart from other brands?
We pursue the idea to create durable designs. Additionally, we believe that modern design language combined with certain aesthetics can overcome fast-changing fashion trends. Furthermore, our high quality collection is marked by personalization services that celebrate individuality as a form of expression.

In your own words, who should wear Loup Noir bags?
We love it when they are worn by men with a sense of sophisticated elegance. It is always exciting to see open-minded cosmopolitans worldwide carrying their Loup Noir with pride.

In this modern age, bags are said to represent someone’s identity. Do you agree with this? Do you think that a Loup Noir bag can speak for someone’s character?
Indeed. A handbag is a reflection of your personality. It is not just about the style of the bag you carry around, as the combination of materials, distinguishing features and details can signify your personal style, and thus, your identity. Loup Noir can surely represent someone’s identity by letting them choose certain models and colors as well as adding a unique monogram.

Where do you usually get your inspiration from?
We take inspirations from both modern and historical art, literature, interior, architecture, fashion, lifestyle and travel to infuse something new and fresh to our creation.