Essential: Loewe’s Belt Selections Boast the New Logo and Leather Craftsmanship

FRESH DEBUT. There are several reasons why Loewe’s spring/summer ’15 installment is worth checking out and owning


Firstly, because it is Jonathan Anderson’s debut collection for the Spanish brand—and Anderson is by far one of the most promising young talents in the industry. Secondly, the collection features the brand’s freshly redesigned anagram and introduces a shift in the overall aesthetics. Departing from its conventional take, Loewe jumps on the bandwagon to design pieces that are classic but with a modern edge. Such aesthetics are particularly apparent in the belt selections, which boast the new logo and the house’s signature leather craftsmanship. They are cleaner and simpler than their predecessors, all the more reasons why these belts are this season’s must-have.