Ermenegildo Zegna Fall/Winter 2020 Campaign: #WhatMakesAMan

The Italian luxury brand has revealed its Fall/Winter 2020 campaign, a continuous commitment to sustainability and exploring legacy to future generations.

What does it mean to be a modern man today? What will your legacy be? These questions are posed by Zegna in its #WhatMakesAMan campaign. Ever since its inception in 1910, social and environmental responsibility have always been part of the brand’s roots. And with the campaign’s launch, Zegna is reaffirming its commitment to the natural world. The dream was not just to create the world’s finest textiles but how to do it without compromising the quality of life for future generations.

This year marks Zegna’s 100th anniversary and the Italian luxury house explores the concept of legacy: how to honor the legacy ots founder and how to plant seeds today that will make a better world tomorrow. Throughout fall 2019 and spring 2020, Zegna has explored the values that guide the contemporary masculine mindset and the responsibilities that lies across our generation’s shoulders. Now they look into the future and use this moment in history to consider what our legacy will be for future generations.

Ermenegildo Zegna, the brand’s founder, has begun planting more than 500,000 trees starting in the 1930s. This reforestation project transformed the landscape surrounding the Ermenegildo Zegna wool mill into a 100-square-kilometer nature reserve that is today known as OASI Zegna. And with the Fall 2020 campaign, Zegna invites people to be part of the Zegna Forest and become active supporters of OASI Zegna.

Through the updated, you can buy an engraved wooden heart that acts as a gesture of Zegna’s contribution to the ecosystem. Crafted from Italian trees, fallen naturally or cut down for safetyreasons, as a symbol to the brand’s legacy and love for the land.

It doesn’t stop there. Zegna also continues its commitment with #UseTheExisting vision for sustainable luxury. Across tailoring and leisurewear, they use pre-existing and post-consumer fibers that are reworked for a new life in a #UseTheExisting garment. Much like their evolving ideas about masculinity, this is about reinvention and also makes the dream of zero waste possible.