Eat & Drink: Smoke It Up at Potato Head

Inspired by the nation of comfort foods, the “Smoke It Up” menu at Potato Head Jakarta (Pacific Place G 51 A, Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 52-53, Jakarta Selatan; +62 21 5797 3322; this October should not be missed


Paying homage to traditional recipes and cooking processes associated with some of the most satisfying foods around, Potato Head has drafted in two expert chefs to create comfort food of unparalleled flavor. Californian Justin Mu and Texan Zachary Nice are the men responsible for the delicious family recipes and grin-inducing grilling techniques currently on offer at the Pacific Place-based restaurant. Dishes include tasty starters such as a Chicken Noodle Soup, which possesses a definitively smoky flavor, or a hearty serving of Pulled Pork Sliders. The generously proportioned sliders are perfect for those who don’t want to stand on ceremony, consisting of two sandwiches filled with succulent smoked pork shoulder alongside zingy coleslaw and sumptuous house fries.


Eagerly moving onto the main courses, the party piece is undoubtedly the Beef Brisket which is slow smoked for over 14 hours with a rub of special house spices being applied throughout. This dedicated smoking technique pays off in abundance when it comes to the taste: the juicy meat possesses that melt in the mouth quality with the BBQ sauce marinade only adding to the enjoyment. Another option is the Smoked Chicken, served with a delicious Alabama sauce, which is extremely juicy and tender. Sides such as the German Minnesota Potato Salad and Barbecue Beans are great compliments to the Smoked Chicken in particular. Not dissimilar to the Beef Brisket in terms of its flavor credentials, the beans are slow cooked for eight hours with delightful pieces of pull pork and brisket crust mixed in. On the beverage front, go for the Socialite if you’re after total refreshment or the Bourbon Darjeeling Marteani for something a little more complex.


It’s hard to think of a meal that gives so much satisfaction to the diner with an appetite, so check out the “Smoke It Up” menu for a truly memorable barbecue experience.