Dr. Martens Releases Special Edition Tattooed 1460s

Dr. Martens, one of the pioneers of casual rock and roll style with their popular industrial boots, has unveiled a new special collection that draw inspirations from old-school tattoo designs.

Dr. Martens Tattoo Grez 1460 boot

Collaborating with three notable tattoo artists all across the world, the classic 1460 boots were made to appear as if they went under the needle for some serious looking ink.

Dr. Martens Tattoo Chris Lambert 1460 boot
Dr. Martens Tattoo OT 1460 boot

Tattoo artists Grez of New York, Christ Lambert of Leeds, and OT of Tokyo, graced the signature boots series with their trademark markings such as the traditional sailor tattoos, the Americana bikers culture and ancient Japanese carvings.

Dr. Martens Tattoo Grez T-shirt
Dr. Martens Tattoo Chris Lambert T-shirt

The collection also includes T-shirts that bear similar designs as the boots – probably meant to be paired for maximum effect. A pair of these special issue tattooed 1460s will cost $145, while the T-shirt is priced at $40 each – all available at the Doc’s webstore.