Don’t be lazy! Get Physical in Style

With his toned build, Matthew Evangelisti certainly fits the bill when you want to highlight the sporty vibes of this year’s spring/summer season. His background as an athlete and his active lifestyle today certainly helps as well. On top of all that, Evangelisti is also a consummate actor—the art of acting having always been his first love. So, conveying dynamic motion through still pictures comes easily to him. Of course, Evangelisti shines just as easy in more conventional settings, as seen in, say, his appearance in Banana Republic’s spring/summer 2018 campaign. All in all, as a professional male model, he is the complete package.


DA MAN: Hi, Matthew. Thank you for having us. So, what are you busy with these days?
Matthew Evangelisti: It’s my pleasure. I’m working on two indie film projects right now. If I’m not on set, I’m either in the ocean or on a motorcycle.

DA: A couple of months ago, we saw you featured by Banana Republic. What was the most memorable moment from your photo shoot for the campaign?
ME: I think it was when we were up north on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The entire crew had stopped working for a minute while we all watched a pod of whales swim by. The scene and the setting—it was very touching.

DA: All in all, how does working for Banana Republic compare to your previous works?
ME: I don’t know if I’d compare, but what makes them more special is how professional they are yet remain playful and manage a very lighthearted set.

Outfit by NIKE

DA: Will we see you appear in any other campaigns, shows or photo shoots in the near future?
ME: Happily, yes!

DA: What kind of modeling work do you usually enjoy the most?
ME: Being an actor, I love lifestyle, especially anything with action or motion to liven things up.

DA: And conversely, which parts of the job do you like the least?
ME: It’s really difficult to dislike or be ungrateful toward any aspect of this job.


DA: What would you say is your most marked characteristic or your best asset as a model?
ME: I’d say my easy going personality. A lot of times it’s a must have.

DA: On a related note, how do you stay fit?
ME: Diet is number one. A great, active, fun lifestyle after that.

DA: Besides the more obvious things like maintaining your physique, what else does it take to be a successful model? Especially things that the average person might not be aware of…
ME: Being a team player. You show up on set with so many moving parts, but you have to remember that you are just one of those parts. You need to pay attention and try to connect the creative teams’ vision with the vision of you that they have in their minds. Having a negative or fearful attitude while on set only gets in the way of everyone’s efforts. Be strong and confident in yourself and work hard.


DA: Speaking of which, what was it that originally sparked your interest in modeling?
ME: I was in theater school and was offered a few jobs. I saw my friends having fun creating on set and wanted to be a part of it along with them. They made it all look very interesting.

DA: Which aspects of modeling came most naturally to you?
ME: Like I said before, I’m comfortable in action. I brought everything I learned about movement growing up as an athlete. It translates very well on camera, especially in film.

DA: And today, what is it that motivates you to continue in this line of work?
ME: I’ve been so lucky to work with people I grew to care about and work that I have been proud of. All the future connections and positive work my mother would be proud of are the biggest driving forces.


DA: How do you define success as a professional model?
ME: Having been inspired creatively, passionately collaborating with the group, pushing myself to work hard … and still be able to have fun. That’s a successful job done.

DA: What is the most rewarding part of being a model?
ME: Besides the people I respect, that would be traveling!

DA: Moving on to fashion, are there any recent menswear trends that you found particularly worth getting into?
ME: I’ve always loved the T-shirt and sweatshirt culture, and it seems to really have taken a top spot in fashion right now.


DA: In general, what’s your day- to-day go-to outfit? Your off-duty look, if you will?
ME: I love a great pair of military style pants—not just the colors, but the cut—with a great T-shirt. It’s hard to find really great shirts, but when I do I wear them out. That and some special sneakers.

DA: What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to how men dress themselves?
ME: Forgetting to find your own personal style.

Outfit by ADIDAS