Dion Wiyoko Discusses His Passion for Acting and Being an Adventurer Off-Screen

THE NEXT BREAKOUT STAR. If the number of movies one has starred in is any indication of a successful star, Dion Wiyoko has four movies in a row to prove it. With Gabriela Yosefina, he discusses his passion for acting and being an adventurer off-screen


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It has been raining since early in the morning. The traffic in Jakarta during such weather is typically devastating; arriving on time would be quite a stretch. But that’s not the case for Dion Wiyoko. Not only does he arrive on time, but Wiyoko also drives his own car to the photo-shoot location. “I hate being late,” he says nonchalantly at one point. Taking a day off from an arduous movie project simply doesn’t slow the actor down.

The year 2015 has, in fact, proven to be a very busy year for the thespian. Two of his movies (“Merry Riana” and “Hijab”) already hit the cinemas in January and two others will soon be released. “I am finishing the sequel to ‘Si Jago Merah’ (The Red Flame). The title is tentatively ‘Air dan Api: Si Jago Merah 2’ (Water and Fire: The Red Flame 2), and the story is still about firefighters. Yet, the overall storyline has changed. The first one is more of a comedy, and the second one is more of a drama that includes several physically demanding scenes, such as saving someone from a suicide attempt and rescuing flood victims,” he passionately elaborates.


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First scouted in a shopping mall by a talent manager back in 2003, the Taurean started off his career in modeling before delving into acting. But Wiyoko has finally gotten a firm grip on his acting career now and he has flourished into a real serious actor. “The more I act these days, the more I realize that acting is truly my passion. There is this unspeakable satisfaction I get from having performances that a lot of people can relate to.”

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He beams with palpable excitement when raving about his upcoming project next: “In March I will have another movie coming up, momentarily titled ‘Love and Faith.’ It is about the founder of Indonesia’s NISP Bank, Karmaka Surjaudaja or Kwee Tjie Hoei, who has led the bank through numerous ups and downs of the country’s economy. The movie highlights a rarely explored theme, which is the struggle of Indonesian Chinese, an ethnical minority in the country. I portray his late brother.”


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