Diesel Steps up as The Official Style Partner of AC Milan

When two Italian giants come together, one could only expect a great move done with panache. So is the newly established partnership between Diesel and AC Milan


Diesel x AC Milan

Andrea Rosso and Renzo Rosso with their preferred numbers


It’s part of the tradition these days to have major fashion brands dress the finest soccer players on the planet. While most previous labels often belong to made-to-measure formal sartorial houses, the legendary Italian AC Milan football club breaks the cycle as it officially announces the premium denim brand Diesel as the style partner.

Renzo Rosso, Diesel’s founder, enthuses, “This is a long-time dream coming to life, for me, for my family, for Diesel. The extraordinary journeys of Diesel and AC Milan are intrinsically linked: We are two major Italian players, iconic, similar in spirit, with global resonance, and we are teaming up around a dream of pride, passion and bravery.”


Diesel x AC Milan 2

Andrea Rosso and Renzo Rosso wearing the AC Milan uniforms


Known for this uncanny approach to fashion business, Rosso, who recently launched a pictorial biography titled “Radical Renaissance 55+5,” has posed wearing the iconic soccer uniform with his son and also the creative director of Diesel Licenses, Andrea Rosso. What the partnership exactly entails, though, is that Diesel will dress the AC Milan players “off-field” for at least three years. So, don’t expect them to run around the field wearing jeans just yet. Then again, who knows Diesel might as well extend that emblematic red-and-black AC Milan pattern to some of their basic pieces in the future. Only time will tell.