Diesel Introduces The Green Label

Taking more action into sustainability, Diesel introduced its Green Label range earlier this year. The plan shows the brand’s commitment to take care of the planet for current and future generations.

Diesel’s new strategy comes with four key messages: Be the Alternative, Stand for the Planet, Celebrate Individuality and Promote Integrity. These form a dedicated blueprint which will further integrate sustainability-focused programs across all of the company’s business activities.

Starting with its denim creations, last season Diesel introduced a collection of new denim styles developed in line with the brand’s commitment, one that is more respectful of the environment but still attached to its DNA. This season, the brand is introducing denim made following the highest environmental standards in the industry, while staying faithful to the brand’s DNA, complete with its signature vintage washes, scratches, and abrasions.

The new collection is made with earth-friendly materials and techniques that use significantly less water and chemicals. Every pair is treated with a minimal amount of Green Screen-certified chemicals, and the water used is reduced by up to 40 percent compared to traditional methods. The jeans are not the only products that have passed strict environmental standards. The whole line, including hoodies, T-shirt, sweatshirts are all responsibly produced. Diesel also uses a hybrid fabric made from organic cotton and recycled polyester that came from pre- and post-consumer waste.

Available for both men and women, some include a graphic of recycling arrows, reshaped to form the letter “D” for Diesel. Diesel has also introduced flannel shirts made entirely from organic cotton. Not only that, the collection also includes two double-breasted menswear coats, which have been made with 75 percent recycled wool and features notch lapels and zipped cuffs.

All garments presented under Diesel’s “For Responsible Living” Sustainability Strategy will feature a specialized Green Label that identifies those products which respect specific standards in relation to the material and/or treatment used. The company is committed to increasing its responsible practices in order to minimize its impacts on the environment, and for the next Spring/Summer 2021 season, Diesel is committed to building on this journey even further.