Deus Ex Machina in Bali

Bali’s Brand New Bag

More of an all-in-one cool community than an eatery or nightclub (or for that matter, a bike builder, surfboard shaper or art gallery), the gloriously named Deus Ex Machina Temple of Enthusiasm (Canggu, Bali; is taking Bali by storm. Don’t get tongue-tied by the long name, most people just call it Deus or Deus Canggu.

The Deus company, from Australia, is well-regarded as a maker of custom motorcycles and bicycles. They’ve branched out into doing cafés at their shops in Australia, art and photography, as well as surfboards. A few months ago they opened up their Canggu complex that includes all of the above, bike shop, surf shop, art/photo gallery and, of course, café/eatery/club.

Regularly hosting some really down-to-earth, hipster musicians and backyard family shindigs, they keep their community of locals and expats quite happy with good drinks and great food. “The latter is courtesy of Thai maestro, Malee, whose pan-Asian cuisine focuses on traditional Thai food (mixed with Malaysian, Indian, Sri Lankan and Japanese nuances) and is alone worth the hike out to Canggu. Check their blog (above) for info on parties and gigs.

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