Designer Deodorant

Fight perspiration with these designer deodorants made for the classy gent.

Sweet, no sweat

As a man, sweating is a perfectly natural physiological process. If we can’t sweat, it can be very dangerous. However, excessive, uncontrolled sweating, especially in sensitive areas (your armpit as a common example), can lead to discomfort not only for yourself, but for those around you as well. While there’s nothing dirty about sweat, it does contain a variety of salts and impurities that can cause odor and stains when mixed with the bacteria present on the skin.

For many busy men who want to stop armpit sweating in a fashionable way, there are a variety of men’s deodorants with antiperspirants available. Here are several examples of popular deodorants sure to help keep you cool, dry and well-scented.

Marc Jacobs
A lasting and luxurious deodorant from Marc Jacobs, Bang deodorant stick starts off by imbuing your underarm area with a blast of pepper, then morphs as you carry on with your day into a vetiver-patchouli concoction, allowing just enough of your natural body odor through. Blending perfectly with other fragrances you might be using, the deodorant keeps your masculinity brimming at just the right level.

2. The One For Men
Dolce & Gabbana
Dedicated to the “charismatic and seductive men,” this deodorant stick offers an elegant and sophisticated kind of protection. It contains a spicy oriental fragrance with hints of fresh tobacco leaf. There are also bright accords of grapefruit and coriander for that vibrant elegant tone.

3. Bottled Night
Hugo Boss
With an irresistible masculine fragrance, Boss Bottled Night Deodorant Stick provides reliable protection from excessive sweat all night long. The deodorant offers protection and confidence in one go for all nocturnally active guys.

4. Eternity for Men
Calvin Klein
Eternity for Men deodorant stick from Calvin Klein reflects a classic masculinity inspired by traditional values. Effectively helping to control perspiration activity in the underarm area, this deodorant stick formula gives out refreshing aromas of crisp herbs and sensual woods. That extra freshness keeps you rejuvenated throughout your day.

Inspired by a return to its Mediterranean roots, Versace highlights the minimalist approach to scented compositions. This deodorant stick has a simple yet strong aroma, imparting sensations of relaxation and wellbeing. Contained in the blend is bergamot, neroli, orange leaves, geranium, mineral amber and tonka beans.