David Beckham Collaborates with Biotherm Homme

Beckham will do more than just being the face of the grooming brand


david beckham collaborates with biotherm homme


David Beckham has always been a team player. Remember when he was still an active soccer player? His assists were legendary back then.

Now that he’s retired, a sense of team spirit seems to survive in him. He, for example, has collaborated with H&M for a collection that is specially curated by him. And now he’s done it again.

As reported by WWD, Beckham’s next teammate will be Biotherm Homme. The brand is currently working on a new grooming line, which is carried out in close collaboration with the legendary soccer player. We have to wait a little longer for the grooming line, though, since it won’t come out until 2017.




In the meanwhile, we will get to enjoy their other form of collaboration. As the ambassador of the brand, Beckham’s likeness will soon appear in the advertisements for Biotherm Homme’s products, Aquapower Gel and Supreme Force.