Poll: Vote for DA MAN’s Best Cover in 2014

COVER BOY. 2014 has been an amazing year as DA MAN adds to its bi-monthly editions two new special issues: DA MAN Style and DA MAN Caliber. Now it is time for you to pick DA MAN’s best cover throughout 2014. Tick the box on the upper left corner of the cover and hit the vote button to cast your vote! The voting ends on December 31, 2014


The poll has ended. Check out the poll result:

1. Josh Dallas (55.93%)

2. Richard Armitage (43.65%)
3. Jai Courtney (0.15%)

4. Ryan Guzman (0.09%)

5. Jarrod Scott (0.07%)

6. Nick Wechsler (0.06%)

7. Matt Dillon (0.03%)

8. Tom de Lucca (0.03%)


Here’s our winner, Josh Dallas! Congratulations!

Josh Dallas Cover