DA MAN’s #StayAtHome Weekenders List

From catching up on the latest, must-watch TV series to playing the most talked about online social simulator on Nintendo Switch, here are a list of things you can do this weekend while you #StayAtHome.

Photo by nappy from Pexels

Weekends tend to feel the same as any other day when you’re staying at home for the entire week.It used to be that they were the two days where you actually had a bit of spare time to do things that aren’t worked related.

As it’s been almost (or is it over?) a month now since everybody started their #StayAtHome routines, we’ve figured that we’d list down some fun things you can do to brighten up your Saturday and Sunday—just in case you’ve run out of ideas.

Catch Up On Must-Watch TV Series (plus bonuses from HBO and AppleTV)

DA MAN’s Top 20 List of TV Series to Binge Watch

Whether it’s during the weekdays or the weekends, now is the best time to catch up and binge-watch the latest TV series you’ve probably missed out since you’re so busy working or doing other stuff. And we’ve got just the list for you. On top of that, HBO and Apple TV have announced that they’re making most of their content available to stream for free in an attempt to encourage people to stay at home, which means you’ll never run out of things to watch.

Catch Travis Scott’s Special “Astroworld” Concert In Fortnite

Miss going to concerts? Make sure to catch Travis Scott’s virtual “Astroworld” concert on the wildly popular online shooting game, Fortnite. Guaranteed to give you a totally new experience in the digital realm, the Houston rapper and songwriter explores the connective possibilities of video games and concerts where you can play with Travis’ avatar in the game while witnessing a gigantic Travis Scott performing his smash hits. Check the full concert here:

Get Yourself a Drink

Picture by Free-Photos from Pixabay

For some time, rumors were circulating online that drinking large amounts of alcoholic beverages (vodka to be exact) might give you immunity against the novel coronavirus. This, of course, is absolutely untrue. But we’d tend to agree that drinking in moderation can help you relax in trying times like these. So, why not enjoy The Macallan’s finest or the Martell VSOP Red Label while binge-watching your favorite TV series? Better yet, invite your friends for a video conference and ask them to have a drink with you. We’ve also posted some home cocktail recipes for you try out at home, courtesy of Penfolds.

Upgrade Your Photography Skills With Free Online Classes From Nikon, Olympus and Leica

Yes, that’s right: Nikon, Olympus and Leica are offering free photography classes. From photo genres to camera-specific courses, the classes cover a variety of topics for beginners to professionals. The Home With Olympus Sessions will connect you with the brand’s technical experts, offering one-on-one or group sessions where you can discuss everything photography-related. Leica, on the other hand, will be providing a handful of online talks featuring renowned photographers, actors, musicians and others in the creative industry. Last but not least, Nikon’s USD250 worth of classes includes lessons in environmental portraiture, macro photography, the art of making music videos, a course with Nikon’s SB-5000 speedlight, how to create video content with a Z 50—all taught by pro photographers and Nikon ambassadors. Don’t miss your chance to enroll in these classes.

Stay Fit With Some Indoor Cardio Sessions

5 Effective Home Cardio Combination Workout Sets

While nothing beats the exhilaration you get from jogging outdoors, you can still do effective cardio from the comfort of your own living room. It’s absolutely free, doable even if you can only spare 10-20 minutes and you can even challenge your friends by posting your sessions on social media. All you need is a yoga or exercise mat and a good amount of willpower. Try following routines proven by some of DA MAN‘s featured celebrities or you can also take a loot at what pro footballers have been doing to stay fit at home.

Try Making IKEA’s Famous Sweedish Meatballs at Home

For any fans missing IKEA‘s best-selling dish, the Swedish retail have has released the recipe for its famous meatballs so that anyone can make them at home. The recipe itself features just six steps and covers the classic Swedish cream sauce that accompanies the dish. Scroll down for the full list of ingredients and the step-by-step instructions.

Test Your Patience With A 2,000 Micro-Piece Blank Puzzle

Picture from Amazon

Japanese board game manufacturer Beverly has the perfect game for those of us with too much time on our hands: A 2000 micro-piece, patience-testing jigsaw puzzle dubbed “Pure Hell” that contains no artwork or any kind of graphical element whatsoever. If you think you’re up for an extra challenge, can get a taste of pure hell on AmazoneBay resellersJapanese proxy services and Rakuten’s international site.

Visit Museum Macan Via #MuseumFromHome

Museum Macan Launches its #MuseumFromHome Initiative

Through #MuseumFromHome, Museum Macan has made its programs available from, well, home. The online initiative lets you explore more than 800 Indonesian and international artworks, go through a virtual walkthrough of “Melati Suryodarmo: Why Let the Chicken Run?” and “Julien Rosefeldt: Manifesto,” engage in a Q&A session with Melati Suryodarmo and do some home shopping at the museum’s official gift store. Check out the article above for more info on how you can visit Museum Macan from home.

Do Some Online Shopping to Turn Up Your #StayAtHome Style

DA MAN’s Work From Home Style Guide

Staying at home doesn’t make you fully invisible from the outside world what with video conferencing increasingly becoming the norm. While malls and stores are closed, your favorite brand’s online webstores and resellers are still there to take your #StayAtHome style game up a notch. DA MAN has compiled some of the latest fashion releases for this season, the latest footwear as well as slippers and sandals for you to browse.

Visit Cartier’s Newly Formed Digital Space

Cartier Presents its 2020 Novelties Online Through “Cartier Watchmaking Encounters”

The absence of this year’s Swiss watch trade shows—among the many major events cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic—has prompted Cartier to launch a new digital platform in order to present its 2020 novelties. Bringing the latest unexpected encounters between shapes and ideas nurtured by the maison right to our homes is the “Cartier Watchmaking Encounters.”

Play Animal Crossing On Nintendo Switch

Picture from Nintendo’s Official Website

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” is one of the most popular games at the moment. In this hit social simulation game on the Nintendo Switch, we move to a desert island where we interact with various animal characters, and also meet real-life people who are also playing the game.

In other game-related news, PlayStation 4 owners have been blessed with a free copies “Journey” and “Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection” as Sony launches its “Play At Home” initiative.

Video Game Streams

Video Game Streaming: Your Alternative #StayAtHome Entertainment

If playing video games isn’t exactly your thing, watching somebody else play might be. While this removes the “playing” part of the experience, it can be practical (if you don’t have the latest gaming gear), informative (if you need pointers on how to play the game or simply enjoy seeing a game’s storyline unfold) and definitely entertaining (if the streamer knows how to engage with his or her audience). Most importantly, video game streams can be your alternative entertainment option when you’re bored with what’s currently on video streaming platforms.