DA MAN Style: London Men’s Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016 Report

TEAM BRITAIN ALL THE WAY. As it embraces quirkiness and pragmatism with equal zeal, LC:M showcases once again how London is a city of stark contrasts


One of Rory Parnell-Mooney’s monk robe-inspired hoodies

Glancing at all of the world’s foremost fashion capitals, sometimes you can’t help but picture London as the sanest of them all. Paris has “artsy” written all over it, as does Milan. New York, being The City That Never Sleeps and all that, is bursting at the seams with unbridled creativity spurred by its cultural (and financial) riches. But London, well, London has always existed in the collective consciousness of humanity as that great city of gray skies and gray suits; of grim weather and an even grimmer sensibility permeating everything from its politics to the way a gentleman dresses in public.


Burberry‘s show was all about outerwear

Time and again, however, the London Collections: Men events (aka Men’s Fashion Week London) have shown that, while the average (or perhaps the stereotypical) Londoner might be a tad stuffy when it comes to picking what to wear, the city’s fashion designers that cater to them can be just as quirky, novel and exuberant as their counterparts in Paris, Milan, New York and beyond.

There has always been a sense of unpredictability in every London Collections: Men show. Some, justifiably, see this as a lack of consistency. At the same time, others feel that it adds the thrill of discovery to the simple act of watching the show unfold, season after season. Unsurprisingly, the latter group will not be disappointed by the fall/winter ’16/’17 edition of London Collections: Men, while the former will undoubtedly find quite a few stylish treats to feast their eyes on.

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