DA MAN October/November Issue is on its Way

BRAND NEW SEASON.  Discover a new side of these celebrities that you may not have known before. All in the latest issue of DA MAN!

Mitchell Nguyen Mccormack

What’s Inside:

–              Charlie Heaton of “Stranger things” fame talks about a new season and new adventures on the big screen.

–              Tom Ellis is set to charm TV audiences the world over as he reprises his devilish role in a new season of “Lucifer.”

–              “13 Reasons Why” star Devin Druid chats with DA MAN about his journey to stardom and the impact of his craft.

–               Up-and-coming actor Dallas Hart talks about his passion for acting, his musical gifts and life.

–               Adinia Wirasti explores the depths of acting and the intricacies of the industry around it with DAMAN.

–               Jefri Nichol chats with DAMAN about his early steps into filmmaking, his dreams and his passion for nature.

–               A true citizen of the world, Pedro Correa pursues his passion for film-making all across the globe.

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