DA MAN Hot List 2012: Anton Wirjono

Many may be familiar with Anton Wirjono as the award-winning DJ, but he’s much more than just a music man. He’s become an incredibly hot entrepreneur, opening the successful Goods Dept. in Plaza Indonesia and indie-chic Brightspot Market.

For all his success, Wirjono’s first order of business, when telling DA MAN how he became so hot, is to give props to his team–Leo Theosabrata, Chris & Cynthia Kerrigan, Elda Wirjono, the Future10 Team as well as Hogi & Lita.

 “The purpose of The Goods Dept. is actually the same with what I’m looking for in music. As a youngster living in U.S., I would go to a stadium to see a band or DJ and I got inspired. I wanted to create something inspiring, great, positive and life-changing. I wanted to inspire others to build brands, become designers, create products,” he explains.

“We’re going to open more stores; satellite stores. We’re going to relocate, too, because [the one in Plaza Indonesia] is semi-permanent. We’re also going to expand the restaurant into The Goods Diner. We’er venturing into production and collaborating with designers to create our products. And also a Web store, because we have a lot of demand from people outside Jakarta.”

The future is bright for the guy that MTV once said had “the Midas touch.”





Photograph: Christina Phan