DA MAN Fashion Spread: Step Up Your Fashion A-Game

STEPPING UP. Author and social commentator Herbert Harold Vreeland once said, “Clothes don’t make a man, but clothes have got many a man a good job.” So as you climb the stairs of your career, remember that quote and these stylish threads, literally on the stairway of life.

Denim shirt by Uniqlo, trousers by Giorgio Armani, leather bracelet by Thomas Sabo

Jacket by Dior Homme, jeans by Uniqlo, necklace by Thomas Sabo

Jacket and jeans by Uniqlo, shirt by Raoul, necklace and leather bracelet by Thomas Sabo


Photographs: Skye Tan
Styling: Sebastian Young
Hair: Angel Awee
Model: Sebastian Schlüter/Eastwest Models Germany
Photography Assistance: Daryl Tan and Lynn Averson
Editor: Mitchell Nguyen McCormack