Daniel Henney of “Agent Zero” in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” Models Louis Vuitton

DA MAN: But I’m sure you’ve experienced the odd behavior.
Daniel Henney:  I was doing this signing session in Korea. I had a girl who was giving me the craziest eyes the entire time. Later, she proceeded to jump over two bodyguards, hurled herself over the rope and ripped her entire shirt off, and lunged at my feet. And the body guards were basically trying to get her arms off my feet. It was a chaotic experience.

DA MAN: Has it reached a stage where fans have crossed the line?
Daniel Henney:  It is only freaky when fans hack into my personal e-mail account or if they write me accusatory letters as my hypothetical girlfriend. They have written about the things I have done, and why I didn’t wear the gifts they bought. They would get upset.

What was the weirdest gift you have received?
Daniel Henney:  I got a vial of blood as a necklace. She wrote a note stating that with this she will always be close to my heart. I just become robotic about these things. It doesn’t affect me at all.


Photography Olivia Tsang
Styling Jonathan Yee
Text Kee/Manifesto Asia adapted for DA MAN by Dino Moriartie

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