DA MAN Caliber: The Luxury of Time With Cartier

THE LUXURY OF TIME. Wristwatches have gone a long way from being a merely time-telling instrument to a luxury statement. Among fine watch houses responsible for such a progressive development is Cartier



Cartier Santos Watch (1916)


From celebrities to royal families, French jewelry and watch brand Cartier has successfully fostered a growing list of respectable clientele from the beginning. But little did people know that Cartier has come a long way back from the 1800s when a young, ambitious protégé set out to make a name for himself.

It was Louis-François Cartier who first established Cartier after taking over his master’s workshop in 1847 in Paris—he was only 28 at the time. Talented Louis-François had a penchant for extravagant jewelries, which suited the taste of wealthy clientele. It accelerated the business to a rapid growth until it was time to pass it on to his son, Alfred.

30 years after the brand’s inception, Alfred stretched that spell of success by expanding the portfolio into clock making. Global fame soon came along with the rise of Alfred’s three sons managing and expanding the business to other continents. Louis, Pierre and Jacques, each had their hand on Cartier since 1899, and together they firmly established the brand identity of Cartier as we know it today.



Alberto Santos-Dumont ready to fly


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