Cristiano Ronaldo Launches Follow-Up Perfume

If there’s one non-soccer thing that Cristiano Ronaldo is really good at, it’s making himself a brand


cristiano ronaldo legacy private edition


And we don’t blame him at all. He’s Cristiano Ronaldo!

Other an underwear line, Ronaldo has also launched a men’s fragrance, named Legacy, which was first released in 2015. This year, the soccer star is unveiling a continuation to Legacy. Named Legacy Private Edition, the perfume is described to be a more sophisticated version of its predecessor.

In order to bring out that sophisticated scent, basil and neroli are mixed with maple syrup for the top notes; sandalwood, cedar and clearwood are blended with tonka bean for the middle notes; while warm amber, vanilla and moss are combined with musk on the base notes.


cristiano ronaldo legacy private edition bottle


Legacy Private Edition comes with a blue-colored bottle and is completed with a touch of copper. And as expected, Ronaldo himself fronts the ad campaign of the fragrance.