Cover Story: Rupert Friend

IN COOL BLOOD. While his latest onscreen persona comes off as cold and calculating, the real-life Rupert Friend leans much more towards cool and quirky. As well as friendly, of course


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For a lot of people, it’s hard not to think of Rupert Friend as being the prim-and-proper British gentleman type, as the actor is perhaps best known for his performances as prim-and proper British gentleman characters. Most notably, he played the charming George Wickham in the 2005 movie adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice” and the regal Prince Albert in “Young Victoria.” Of course, his actual acting range covers a much wider selection of character types and has rather recently expanded to include cold-blooded spies/assassins. Fans of TV series “Homeland” are, of course, familiar with his on-screen alter ego Peter Quinn, and we’ll see Friend’s take on the eponymous bald and barcoded assassin in this month’s “Hitman: Agent 47.”



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Off-screen, however, Friend brings funny and gentlemanly in equal doses. The latter comes into play especially when his fiancée is concerned. The English actor, director, screenwriter and producer is currently engaged to an American athlete, actress and fashion model Aimee Mullins. Ms. Mullins, by the way, is also a whiz on prosthetic innovation and a double amputee with three Paralympic records to her name. And that’s on top of a lengthy filmography and her incredible modeling career, which includes being the muse to Alexander McQueen. If this isn’t a match made in heaven, we don’t know what is.



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