Corum Blends Both Technology and Artistry in New Collection

TIME IS MONEY – Technical mastery and unique artistic expressions come together in some of Corum’s most exciting novelties


Despite its playful name—Swoosh—this addition to Corum’s Bubble family adds a touch of fine watchmaking to the quirky and playful collection. This new Bubble Central Tourbillon expresses the brand’s mastery of the complication on a massive “canvas” that is the watch’s 47mm case. It’s also worth noting that the central position of the tourbillon ups the complexity level of the Bubble’s construction. The end result, however, is definitely eye-catching. Furthermore, the watch features no hands, with two triangular markers showing the hours and minutes on the flange. The tourbillon itself, meanwhile, shows the seconds. This might not be the watch to wear to a formal occasion, but it is definitely a statement piece for those with a quirky streak.

Bubble 47 Swoosh

The tourbillon you see here is an authentic version—as in, a tourbillon designed as it was patented all the way back in 1801 instead of a more modern carrousel or flying tourbillon.

The peak of the domed sapphire crystal acts as a magnifying glass for the tourbillon underneath it, showcasing the complication—and Corum’s intricate key logo on its upper bridge—in all its mechanical glory.

Besides the rubber strap seen here (which comes with the black and pink gold version as well as the natural titanium and blue variant), there is also a beautiful Milanese mesh option made from grade 5 titanium.


The dial of this unique timepiece does, in fact, feature an actual coin. A silver US$1 coin, to be precise, which has been hand-engraved by Aleksey Saburov. His work has been described as “21st century hobo coins,” referring to the nickname of nickel five cent coins issued shortly before the Great Depression which, back then, were worth so little that vagrants and penniless artists would rework the material into small works of art to earn a small profit. As each coin is—again— handcrafted by the New York-based Russian engraver, each piece will be inherently unique and will bear motifs created exclusively for Corum’s Coin collection by Saburov himself. Now, this is definitely a watch collector’s dream piece.

Heritage Artisans Coin Watch

The case of the new Heritage Artisans Coin Watch measures 43mm in diameter and is made using, of course, 925 sterling silver.

While the engraved dial is, of course, the focal point of the watch, its movement—an automatic CO 082—is a marvel of engineering in its own right.

The blue denim strap of this watch nicely complements the silver tone of the case and dial, while also fitting nicely with the whole “hobo coin” aesthetic.