Converse Unveils Its Genderless Apparel Collection

The collection, titled SHAPES, is not designed based on gender, but on body shape instead. It’s created from the belief that size is a reference point, not a form of identity.

Converse, which is committed to intelligent design, re-imagines the Chuck Taylor’s position as an inclusive and unisex shoe through apparel which reflects the needs of consumers today. Based on questions like “what if apparel was built agnostic of gender?” and “what if its goal was to accommodate our innumerable body shapes?” that Converse sought to answer, the brand unveiled its genderless apparel collection called SHAPES.

As a new type of apparel essential, the collection is not designed for different genders, but instead for various body shapes. It’s created from the belief that size is a reference point, not an identity. The collection itself ismade from 50 percent recycled cotton and 50 percent virgin cotton. Moreover, SHAPES only features a set of five core pieces and is offered in only four sizes globally—a big departure from the tradition of having 14 sizes typically offered across men’s and women’s ranges.

“When starting design from a non-traditional place, there are endless opportunities to reimagine everything from construction to sizing to materials. SHAPES is the perfect example of how to meet the consumer in their element. By bringing functionality, inclusivity and comfort to everyday clothes, we believe we can really change the game,” explained Converse’s VP/GM for Global Apparel, Jonathan Tappan.