Christian Louboutin sneakers

Louboutins for men

Have you ever secretly wished that the words “Christian Louboutin” would have the same exhilarating effect on you that it has for the girls, especially those Sex and the City girls? Well guys, wish no more. Louboutin, the French footwear designer to the stars, has come out with a swanky line of sneakers for men. Following the recent trend of mainly women’s designers making men’s fashion items—Balenciaga and Jimmy Choo have recently come out men’s stuff—Louboutin’s quirky, but fashionable, sneakers combine a 1980s-style, high-top basketball design with exotic, jungle-inspired, animal fur-like prints (such as this “Rantus Orlato Men’s Flat”). – Jeffy Rhyder

When asked by journalists why he decided to do a men’s line, Christian reportedly said it was because “… I needed some new shoes to wear.” That’s sounds sensible enough to us.

Check this video for more of these:

This is from the DA MAN August/September 2010 issue (for back issues, click here.)