Celebrity Fashion Exclusive: Denzel Whitaker

Celebrity Fashion Exclusive: Denzel Whitaker. He immediately catches the eyes and ears of anyone who comes across his name, if only because it’s a mix of two Oscar-winning actors’, Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker.

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Photo above: Peacoat by Army and Navy Surplus,  shirt by Calvin Klein


Recently co-starring in the action-thriller Abduction, alongside Taylor Lautner, as well as in possible Oscar contender Warrior, Denzel Whitaker is now ready to make a name for himself.

Denzel Whitaker first caught the attention of moviegoers when, at the age of 17, he starred alongside his namesake in The Great Debaters. After a series of performances on TV shows, Denzel Whitaker got his big break in 2011, with the aforementioned Abduction and Warrior. Also a budding filmmaker, Whitaker has directed music videos and is now preparing for his directorial debut, Killing Familiar.

At the age of 21, Whitaker is no longer the chubby teenager he was four years ago. Having survived puberty, Denzel Whitaker is now tall and lean, and he’s showing DA MAN the fruits of his healthy lifestyle in this stylish photo shoot.

DA MAN: One of your most memorable experiences is…
Denzel Whitaker:
One of my most memorable experiences is… When I had ventured out with my friend to my favorite resting place “the cove” and we had went a little too far. Well, the tide had risen over time and since I can’t swim, it was very nerve-racking trying to get back across the water–which was crushing into the rocks–and reach safety.

DA MAN: You can’t live without…
Denzel Whitaker:
I can’t live without my… Music, family and camera. My music inspires me, my family is my strength and support, and my camera documents it all from that perspective in time.

DA MAN: Your idea of happiness…
Denzel Whitaker:
My idea of happiness… Is being content with the choices I make without regret. It’s being surrounded by love and not living in fear or worry.

DA MAN: You value…
Denzel Whitaker:
I value… Genuine and honest relationships.

DA MAN: Something that you’ve not told anyone is…
Denzel Whitaker:
Well, that’s why I haven’t told anyone [smiling]. I’m pretty good at keeping secrets.



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Photo above: Shirt by Calvin Klein, blazer by H&M, tie by DiBi Ties



DA MAN: This year, your goal is to…
Denzel Whitaker:
A window into who you really are. It says so much about a person without them ever having to utter a word.

DA MAN: Fashion, to you, is…
Denzel Whitaker:
A way to express how you feel. It needs to be individual, every outfit personal, you never wanna hear ‘I have a friend who dresses just like you.’

DA MAN: If you were not acting, you would be…
Denzel Whitaker:
A director. I love the entertainment industry and I simply just want to tell great stories.

DA MAN: Your favorite journey has been…
Denzel Whitaker:
This year’s family vacation to Aruba was amazing. It was my first time flying international and was so amazing to travel somewhere else and enjoy their culture. It’s one of my favorite journeys because it’s now inspired me to travel to more international destinations.

DA MAN: Your motto in life is…
Denzel Whitaker:
Try not to ponder so much what the meaning of life is, but rather enjoy it while you can. Work for what you want and do what makes you happy; free of dictation and limitations.



Color Photographs:  Eric Silverberg
Styling: Monty Jackson
Grooming: Leslie Alejandro