Carolina Herrera Gone Wild with 212 VIP Men Wild Party

PARTY IN THE USA. The uninhibited nightlife of New York City has much been talked about and shown in movies and TV series alike. Carolina Herrera dared to encapsulate this crazy party scene and atmosphere in their latest fragrance number: 212 VIP Men Wild Party


Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Men Wild Party


This limited edition release exudes attractive accords of woody and spicy characters, apt for modern, metropolitan gents who never take no for an answer.

The bottle’s intriguing black exterior, shaped like a pineapple, resonates nicely with the deep persuasion of its black-peppery olfactory mix.

There’s an unmistakable note of tropical flavors that comes out after a while, yet that’s all the more reason why the 212 VIP Men Wild Party would set you apart from the crowd on the dance floor.