Cameron Dallas for New Carolina Herrera Fragrance

YOUNG, WILD AND FREE. Feel like a VIP with the new Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Black, a masculine fragrance built around the nuances of a wild night out at an exclusive party

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The scent was launched under the hashtag #owntheparty and a campaign featuring models and actors such as Cameron Dallas, Xavier Serrano, Pepe Barroso Silva and many more. In the print campaign, these figures were seen together wearing red carpet-ready outfits smiling and having a good time. This adventurous spirit, by the way, is exactly what the fragrance is all about. It’s about that adrenaline rush and energetic spirit when you’re heading for an all-night party. So, it shouldn’t come off as a surprise that the top notes of this fragrance is absinthe, which is further blended with vanilla and lavender for a sweet and softly spicy aroma that will definitely help you stand out. Check out the full-length video campaign below.

Scents - Daman Magazine

Cameron Dallas for the Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Black campaign


Here is the full length video campaign for the new fragrance from Carolina Herrera: