Bulgari and Maserati Collaborative Timepiece

TIME FOR SPEED. Bulgari’s record breaking Octo range of timepieces gets an overhaul by Italian sports car brand Maserati

The history of motorsports is pretty tightly connected to that of timepieces. It can be said that the development of timepieces was partially due to the need for a more precise time device to present for timing the increasing speed limits delivered by faster motor vehicles. Because of this unique connection, it’s no wonder many motor vehicle brands collaborate with watch makers. One such collaboration is between two Italian brands, one recognized for its jewelry and luxury brands while the other is famed for producing some of the best sports cars. We’re talking about Bulgari and Maserati, collaborating to present two astounding timepieces.

Unlike other watch/car brand timepiece collaborations that sometimes tend to feel a little forced, somehow this match up just seems to fit. Both brands exude a level of luxury in their products and both are revered in their significant fields. The result of the partnership of these two big names is two remarkable time pieces, the Bulgari Octo Maserati GranSport and GranLusso. The GranSport as the name suggests, caters to those seeking a more sporty style to match their sports car, while the GrandLusso shows off a level of elegant simplicity that Bulgari is known for.

At first glance, the timepieces feature the iconic circle inside an octagon of the Bulgari Octo case. The sportier GranSport comes in a black DLC-treated steel, while the more elegant GranLusso has an 18k pink gold case. Both are powered by an in-house, automatic movement with retrograde minutes and jumping hours. So the number in the window just above the Maserati logo displays the hours not the date. Different from other timepieces in the Octo line, the minutes display have been redesigned to resemble the analog RPM meter on a Maserati. The GrandSport features a blue zone that indicates that the retrograde feature is counting down to kick into action and send the minutes hand back to zero. To keep with the elegance of the GrandLusso this feature is missing on its display. Thanks to the ultrathin profile of Bulgari’s Octo range of timepieces, both watches make great accessories to wear on a daily basis, be it speedy in your Maserati sports car or not.