Best Grooming Gifts For The Holidays

As we come close to the end of the holiday season, show your loved ones that you care with a carefully curated gift box of grooming products

Christmas has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that we’re free from what can only be described as the most exciting part of the holidays and the most frustrating: what gift do you give your loved ones? It’s a very interesting thought because nothing can make the end of the holidays better than gifting the person that you love with the right gift because it’s not just the thought that counts. 

Here are five top picks from the grooming aisle…

Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense

If you’re going to be seeing them a lot, wouldn’t it be better if they also smell great? This won’t be a problem with the Tom Ford “Oud Wood Intense”. In addition to offering a sophisticated smoky, spicy, earthy wood notes to die for, the fragrance also blooms with the warmth of your skin, allowing it to develop its own character that is unique to the wearer.


Dior Homme

Undoubtedly a classic at this point, the Dior “Homme” offers a woody, musky, and sophisticated notes, this fragrance might just be one of, if not the most universally appealing scents on the market today, which makes it just about the perfect item to gift to someone. 


Elemis Antioxidant-Rich Night Cream

The skin is often overlooked when it comes with men’s grooming products, and what better way to show someone you care about them than to give them something to use to take care of their mugs? The Elemis antioxidant-rich night cream helps with long-term hydration to ensure that your loved ones wake up with well0rested skin.


Brickell SPF-45 Moisturizer

The SPF-45 rating on this moisturizer also means that the wearer’s skin is protected from roughly 98% of the sun’s nasty UV rays. Supercharged with zinc-based hydrator, green tea, rejuvenating sunflower oil, and Vitamin E, the Brickell SPF-45 Moisturizer is sure to be a great option for a gift basket this holiday season. 


Hawthorne Eye Cream

You can really tell someone’s age from their eyes, but if you use great eye cream products, you might just get away looking younger! This is also why it’s a great holiday gift as this Hawthorne Eye Cream is made with peptides which helps with firmness, niacinamide, and green tea for toxin defense, among many others.