Bally’s dragon bag

The guy with the dragon bag. Between apocalyptic prophesies and the coming of the dragon (the Chinese New Year), 2012 will no doubt be one fiery year; and Bally is celebrating it.

Swiss designer Bally is celebrating 2012 with its new Majestic Dragon capsule collection. The collection includes a messenger bag that’s adorned with a motif of a powerful dragon.

Indeed, Bally isn’t the only one featuring dragons this year, but Bally stands out by keeping true to its core principles. This messenger bag still maintains the Swiss brand’s signature style and quality; notice, for instance, its red and white strap.

Moreover, the simplicity of the design gives the bag a longevity factor; it can be used, not only for the entire Dragon year, but also for many years hence, all the while remaining stylish and making a fashion statement.