Balenciaga Opens 2019 with Two Accessory Drops

2018 was a very colorful year for Balenciaga. Their extremely bold take on the streetwear trend were met with much cringe, but paid off gloriously.

The oversized shirts? Everybody’s wearing them – and it’s currently season appropriate. The Triple-S? The hottest ugly-sneaker front runner at the moment, to be honest. The lawsuits? Gave them more spotlight than ever, if you ask us. The questionable social media campaign? If it did it job, we shan’t question further.

So when they’re already dropping stuff this very early of the new year, you can count on us to report. And just like our title suggest, yes, the Spanish house made two launch just a shy under the first week of 2019.

Starting from something that appear very much opposite of their persona in 2018, the brand released a series of their very own signet ring. In case you didn’t know, a signet ring is a ring worn by European noblemen, bearing their house sigil or emblem. It is used to sael-wax an official letter. Imagine how cool to own a house of Balenciaga signet ring! The ring comes in three color sets, but the gold-red definitely looked regal.

Just a few days later, comes a capsule eyewear collection, born from a collaboration with their parent company, Kering. If the rings were fit for royalty, these sunglasses fit the brand’s recent target market. A pair looked like the futuristic bastard child of a classic cat’s eye and fluorescent cycling glasses, with selections of bright orange, purple or dark grey lenses. The capsule is only available at Dover Street Market.