Australian Androgyny: Andrej Pejic

Bosnian native from Australia, Andrej Pejic pioneers the Androgyny trend on the runway with backing from major brands including Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith and Raf Simons.

Blurring the lines

Andrej Pejic, the Australian model of Bosnian origin, is almost singlehandedly revolutionizing fashion runways with his strikingly effeminate look. The 19-year-old trendsetter is on the crest of a new fashion wave for men.

Androgynous looks are not entirely new on the runway, but never has it been so popular (according to Google analytics, Andrej is the second-most popular model behind Baptiste Giabiconi, who has a ‘pretty boy’ look as well). Andrej is one of the hottest commodities in the world at present and is the face of three major ad campaigns (pictured here: Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Martyn Bal).

He’s also been the showstopper on the runways for a who’s who of A-List designers, including Jean Paul Gaultier, Paul Smith, Raf Simons and John Galliano. Dozens of others are clamoring for his services and he’s even modeling women’s clothes, and thus getting much higher rates (modeling is one of the few industries where women earn more than men). Much like Kate Moss did a couple decades ago with the waif trend, Andrej and others are bringing in the androgyny trend.