Arya Vasco, Baskara Mahendra, and Jerome Kurnia Rule the World of “Gossip Girl Indonesia”


Much like his character on the show, Arya Vasco is a down-to-earth young man who keeps it real.

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Along with his fellow cast members, Arya Vascvo is part of a new generation of Indonesian actors. For one, they check all the right boxes: They’re young, talented and attractive. The attractive bit might not be all too relevant if you have the talent, but it is hard to miss. On that note, the photoshoot for this article was a breezy one. Everyone knew how to pose and what their best angle is, which is a bonus. The guys have great chemistry on set and we can’t help but think that this energy they bring to work is part of what made the “Gossip Girl Indonesia” web-series successful.

You can’t miss Vasco’s tall stature and his fair looks, thanks in part to his Dutch genes from his father’s side. Arya Pralabda Vasco de Haan or Arya Vasco for short was born in Bali, from a Dutch father and a Javanese mother. He recently moved to Jakarta to pursue his career in acting. And so far, he’s been very good at it. He started at an open audition for a movie called “My Generation” by Upi Avianto (yes, the same film that Baskara Mahendra also ended up playing in) and he was chosen as one of the male leads. You can call it luck or coincidence but that moment opened up a whole new world for him. Vasco starred in four more film projects after that, with the latest seeing him play as Nathaniel Siregar in “Gossip Girl Indonesia.” He’s basically the Indonesian adaptation of Nate Archibald, originally played by Chace Crawford.

Who got casted first in this project is confidential; however, Vasco shared that he was actually waiting for someone at the casting but ended up taking part. Just like his two cast mates who auditioned for two roles at the same time, Vasco tried for the role Nathaniel and Danny, but at the end he was more comfortable with Nathaniel. One thing that really generated a lot of interest when “Gossip Girl Indonesia” was announced—besides the actors in it—were the adapted names: Nate Archibald became Nathaniel Siregar, Chuck Bass became Chicco Salim and Dan Humphrey became Danny Hakim. On that subject, Vasco thought that the production team wanted to keep the first names of the original cast since those were so iconic. The surnames were then added to add an Indonesian feel to the characters—after all, it’s “Gossip Girl Indonesia.” So, it’s the best of two worlds.

Preparations for filming started in early November last year, which involved readings and doing their own parts for the show, as well as watching the first season of the original “Gossip Girl.” For his part, Vasco read the character descriptions for Nathaniel and went through online articles and blog posts about the series.

He and the rest of the cast might have been too young to watch the original “Gossip Girl” when it first aired in 2007. So, Vasco focused on watching the first season after he was casted but held off going through the other five seasons so as not to ruin the experience. When asked about what he thinks of his character, Vasco stated that he liked Nathaniel: He is down to earth, humble and keeps it real. He is the type of guy that would go against his family when he doesn’t agree with them.

Vasco is committed to and puts his faith on this adaptation project. He wholeheartedly puts his faith in the director, the production team, everyone. And he is also sure that the entire cast gave them their all, so he wishes that the audience would enjoy and love it as much as they do. And that shows how genuine and devoted Vasco is to his work.

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