Art Jakarta 2019: Jakarta’s Biggest Art Event

It’s been more than a decade since the first Art Jakarta, the city’s ultimate art event that connects art collectors, artists, and enthusiasts. As it enters a new decade, Art Jakarta focuses on establishing Jakarta as one of Asia’s center for contemporary art. It also aims to strengthen Indonesia’s position as a leader for the development of contemporary art in Asia.

This year, Art Jakarta will be held on August 30 – September 1, 2019 at JCC Senayan. The opening night is on August 30 for invitation-only guests, and it will officially open to the public from August 31 – September 1, 2019. Seventy local and international galleries will contribute to the event with their masterpieces in various medium.

Art Jakarta also presents exclusive artworks from 10 artists in two main sections: Art Jakarta Spot and Art Jakarta X. The selected pieces will be located in seven different areas of JCC Senayan. “Art Jakarta Spot and Art Jakarta X is our effort to showcase curated artworks from selected artists to the art lovers who visit Art Jakarta. It collaborates with various partners and collectors to showcase their prized artworks in special presentations,” says Enin Supriyanto, artistic director of Art Jakarta.


1. Albert Yonathan: Solar Worship

Bandung-based artist Albert Yonathan will showcase a ceramic installation called “Solar Worship.” The artwork which is presented by Mizuma Gallery focuses on terracotta. It is formed in reflected lights from the centre terracotta. It showcases a transcendental relation between material with the spiritual world. Yonathan previously showcased his artworks in Indonesian Pavillion at Venice Biennale 2013.

2. Cheuk Wing Nam: Silence – Meditation in Blue

As an interdisciplinary artist and art master graduate from Baptist University Hong Kong, Cheuk Wing Nam specialises in creating installations in new medium and sound sculptures. His artworks combine visual, audio, and other forms of technology-based medium.

Exclusively for Art Jakarta Spot, Cheuk who is supported by Galerie OVO will showcase Silence-Meditation in Blue, a sound interactive sound installation using fan turbines and water pipes.

3. Eko Nugroho: Happy to be Alienated

Presented by Arario Gallery, Yogyakarta-based artist Eko Nugroho will showcase two of his artworks at Art Jakarta Spot: a manual embroidery piece called “Moving Landscape” and a sculpture called “Happy to be Alienated.”

4. Ronald Ventura: Bobro’s World Tour

Yavuz Gallery will present a solo presentation from Filipino artist Ronald Ventura. With Ruel Caasi as its curator, Yavus will showcase Bobro’s World Tour that will cover 50m2.

5. Syaiful “Tepu” Garibaldi

Born in Jakarta in 1985, Syaiful Aulia Garibaldi who is also known as Tepu, collaborates with ROH Art Projects to create Balitsa Ehoor. It is an art installation with 200 iron stems that are covered with lichen, a complex composite organism that is born from the crossbreed of fungus and algae that grows and covers all surface that it reaches. In a massive installation of Balitsa Ehoor, it becomes a note of time travel and can take you to relate with what’s going on with your surroundings.

6. You Ji In: North K2

Born in Korea, interdisciplinary artist You Ji In is exploring production modes and expanding techniques of non-traditional crafts such as karung goni, napkin, candy, and food wrapping paper. The artist presents “North, K2”, an artwork with mirror materials and stained glass that showcases North Korean propaganda slogans with various iconic slogans from North Korean newspapers.

7. teamLab: Dark Waves

Founded in 2001, teamLab is a collective art based on technology which facilitates various disciplines to blend creativity, science, technology, and designs with natural things. This time, teamLab will present “Dark Waves,” which is a computerised water simulation in a three dimensional room. For this year’s Art Jakarta, teamLab is presented by Gajah Gallery



Huang Po-Chih: Production Line – Made in China & Made in Taiwan

Production Line— Made in China & Made in Taiwan (2014) is an artwork about a life journey of a mother named Huang Po-Chih. She is a textile worker who also showcases the faces of freelance workers in the textile industry who worked there for more than 30 years from Taiwan to Shenzen, China. The art project that has been showcased at Shenzen Sculpture Biennale and Biennale Taipei will showcase how capitalism has a similar face in all over the world, and it can only be shown and told through a personal story.

Isha Hening: Isha Hening for Wave of Tomorrow

Wave of Tomorrow (WOT) is a new wave of experience that connects art, technology, and music. Transcending its period of time, WOT was first held last year. As the pioneer of technology-based art, WOT is taking its audience to take a sneak peek into the future.

This year, WOT brings Isha Hening, a motion graphics and VJ artist. Isha is known with her stage visual arts, video mapping projections, live visual shows, and music videos.

I Nyoman Masriadi: Deposito Emas Saya

Along with art collectors from Indonesia, Art Jakarta 2019 present six paintings created by I Nyoman Masriadi. These rare paintings will be showcased exclusively at VIP Lounge Art Jakarta 2019. The artworks from the Gianyar Bali-born painter often resembles superheroes with a narration that deeply rooted in Indonesian culture but also offers witty social comments on contemporary life and global’s pop culture.

Other than Art Jakarta Spot and Art Jakarta X, the Fair also presents Art Jakarta Gallery, Art Jakarta Play (coordinated with UOB to provide art class like Eko Nugroho Art Class), Art Jakarta Scene, Art Jakarta Talk, Art Jakarta Charity (along with OPPO through Renoscape, Art Jakarta and OPPO will hold auctions for 13 carpets made from the best local artists. All proceeds will be donated to Yayasan Mitra Museum Jakarta and Happy Hearts Indonesia.