Arkham Inspired Batsuit and All You Need to Know About “The Batman”

Director Matt Reeves recently revealed a screen test of Robert Pattinson wearing the concept costume of his superhero role in “The Batman”. Aside from getting a better look at the newly-crafted-for-Pattinson’s Batsuit, here is all you need to know about “The Batman”.

Robert Pattinson in Dior Men campaign

1. The Plot

Any Batman comic book fans might have a hunch on what the plot would be when Falcone is confirmed as one of its villains. Portrayed by John Turturro, Carmine “The Roman” Falcone made his debut in “The Long Halloween” comic book storyline. He is a mob boss who is responsible for the birth of the “Batman’s Rogue Gallery”—a group of villains hired by Falcone to go after the Caped Crusader that consist of Batman’s notorious villains (Catwoman, Joker, Penguin, Poison Ivy). Reeves also stated that the movie will have more of a noir approach.

3. The Villains

In connection to the Batman’s Rogue’s Gallery, it has been confirmed that Catwoman, Penguin as well as The Ridler are set to make their appearance in “The Batman”. Catwoman will be portrayed by Zoë Kravitz, Penguin by Collin Farrell, and the Ridler by Paul Dano. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, rumour has it that Joaquin Phoenix will make a cameo as the infamous and notorious clown, Joker. How cool would that be?


4. The Batsuit

The revelation of the batsuit gives us the impression that it generally draws inspiration from Batman’s “Arkham” game. Mainly thanks to a slimmer yet rock hard sturdy cowl design with the addition of an exaggerated neck guard and the trademark flowing cape. The mask itself does not only accentuate Pattinson’s strong facial feature, but it features side stitches—an obvious reference to “Batman: Earth One”. A close up to the chest region of the suit reveals an intimidating bat symbol that’s been deconstructed and put back to in pieces to give a raw armour aesthetic—referencing from DC Comic’s “Rebirth Batman”.

4. The Release

“The Batman” will hit theatres on June 25, 2021. “The Batman” is also intended to be a prologue for a new Batman trilogy, as it was reported in 2019 that key cast members are signed on to reprise their roles in future DC films.