Aprons, But Make It Fashion: Jil Sander

Known for its minimalist aesthetic, Jil Sander has stepped into the world of what-would-be chef attire, subsequently dropping three “fashion aprons”

Guided by the vision of Lucie and Luke Meier, Milan-based luxury fashion house Jil Sander has taken an unusual step into the realm of cooking-inspired attire. The first two aprons by the brand are typical A-shaped throw-overs, appearing in undyed natural cotton in a clean beige hue. These spring/summer 2021 garments furhterthen detailed with gold-toned metal studs on either side of the apron, and are finished with two gold-toned eyelets on the collar that holds the neck strap in place, allowing for an adjustable fit.

At the rear, there’s a fastening strap decorated with more gold-toned studs, as well as a large Jil Sander tag. For the first piece, the brand adds a large front stamp reading “Never Fade Away” against a burgundy-brown base, while the second offering reads “The Sun Always Rises” on a red base.

Rounding out the trio is a wraparound apron also made from 100-percent cream cotton, with the words “Blue Windows Behind the Stars” in bold block capital lettering. This skirt-like piece wraps around the waist and is secured using the same gold-toned studded fastening strap.