Antoine Griezmann is HYT’s New Brand Ambassador

DESIRE FOR CHALLENGE. Known for its unique take on the modern timepiece, HYT has recruited French football player, Antoine Griezmann to be its brand ambassador

As a newcomer to the watchmaking industry, it’s not easy to make yourself standout. As more and more brands attempt to enter the market, offering what they believe will be the latest trend in the future of horology, not many deliver something so out of the box as HYT watches. The futuristic hydro-mechanical concept of HYT’s timepieces defies the stereotypical take on the simple watch, which although may seem mind-boggling, has the ability to astound many horological aficionados.

The same can also be said for Antoine Griezmann, a small stature football player who currently plays for Atlético Madrid and is also a member of the French National Team. Determined to be a football player from an early age, thanks to a family legacy from his footballer grandfather, Griezmann did everything he could to make his dream a reality. Although turned down by many teams due to being ‘too small’ for the game, he persevered to eventually lead the French team to victory at the 2010 UEFA European Under-19 Football Championship and also be awarded the Golden Boot in 2016 for his outstanding performance at UEFA Euro 2016.

Antoine Griezmann and HYT share somewhat of a similar story with identical values. Both are young players in their respective fields. Both moved from the mountains to make a name for themselves amongst some of the greatest in their industries and have become recognized for their innovative style and dynamism. Both are driven by the desire for challenge and an unshakeable faith in performance and effort. It was a clear choice for why HYT chose Griezmann to be their ambassador. Plus the fact that Griezmann has been a big fan of the brand since 2015.

To underline the commitment between HYT and Antoine Griezmann, an exclusive piece dedicated to the young footballer is planned to be unveiled this autumn.