An Intimate Look at Rado’s ‘Portraits of Time’ Campaign

TIMELESS IMAGE. Swiss watch maker Rado once again collaborates with Lidewij Edelkoort to create a millennial appealing campaign

Left: Rado Ceramica, Right: Rado True Thinline Colours

Rado has always been seen as pioneer between Swiss luxury brands, never shying away from following the latest trends and at times even successfully becoming a trendsetter. Seeing how the new generation of millennials need a more imaginary approach to appeal to their interests, the Swiss watch maker once again has collaborated with famed trend analyst Lidewij Edelkoort to come up with the ‘Portraits of Time’ campaign. This latest campaign features Rado’s latest collection of timepieces that have been artistically captured in a lookbook showcasing the new timepieces that each embody four concrete statements of style, which are poetry, memory, comfort and design. The four atmospheres were proposed by Edelkoort that center around the quality, durability and a discovery of personal style that Rado time pieces are recognized for.

Rado Diamaster Grande Seconde

To better explain the concept of the four statements of style proposed by Edelkoort, each pillar can be seen as follows. The True Thinline Colours collection embodies a poetic mood, with four jewel-toned watches that blend seamlessly with an artistic vocabulary. The concept of Memory comes back to life through vintage-inspired timekeepers, such as the unabashedly retro HyperChrome 1616. Rado’s DiaMaster Grande Seconde represents the comfort concept, envisioning a retreat to a sphere of cozy domesticity, as seen in the softly masculine look of the timepiece. To capture the design concept, the special edition Rado True that employed a diverse team of international designers utilizing unique materials to create a personal vision best embodies the design concept of the campaign.

Rainer Mutsch wearing Rado True Stratum

In the end, Edelkoort went on to say, “Wearing a Rado timepiece feels like a declaration of independence for people who allow themselves to be different, to express themselves, to take time to indulge in design. Taking time to take care of good taste.”